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Chapter VI : The Impossible View (X13g) (2023.08.26)

6th of a long serie of shots at night, Milky Way and other stuffs.
I screwed a bunch oh sots at the end of the session in the Alps.
A few days later, I tried another spot, in the south of the Massif Central and one of the screwed (as well) shots had a nice foreground.
So I created a composite from them both. To be clear, this view doesn’t exist in real life.

Background & Sky: Faux Col de Restefond, France
Foreground : Croix de Crepounac, France

Background & Sky:
Canon EOS7D / Tokina ATX Pro II 11-16mm F/2.8
Settings: f/2.8 – Focal Length: 12mm – ISO1600 – 209s (11 x 19s)
Stack of 11 different photos

Canon EOS7D / Sigma 17-70mm F/2.8-4
Settings: f/3.2 – Focal Length: 17mm – ISO1600 – 150s (10 x 15s)
Original = 4880 x 3050 px
Stack of 10 different photos

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